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Does it matter if I am a psychopath?

Posted on 2011.07.23 at 16:15
Much writing about relationships in the supply chain literature embraces the differences between close, partnership styles of organizational relationships, and adversarial or arms length ones. This approach to buyer seller relations is predicated on a number of assumptions:

* That organizations manifest rational behavior because of the influence of organizational culture, structure, power and politics.
* That humans behave rationally.
* That partnership and adversarial are mutually exclusive.
* That relationships evolve in a linear or progressive fashion.
* That human temperament is somehow conditioned in organizations.
* That roles of actors determines behavior and propensity to collaborate.

...and so on. As you can see, there are some fundamentally questionable assumptions in play here that whilst may applaude researchers in the field for their (Occam's) Razor-sharp elegance, one cannot help but feel we have ignored the 'human condition' for far too long, and at our peril, when trying to theorize about supply chain relationships.

Let me give you an example. I like the following succinct statement from Andrew Cox et al's 2003 article:

"As has long been argued in the social science literature, there are four generic buyer–supplier power structures: buyer dominance,interdependence, independence and supplier dominance [....] In buyer–supplier relationships, under each power structure, the collaboration will take a different form and lead to different results."

And so on....

It's not that I disagree with Cox and colleagues, but the 'economic rational man' line really fails to grasp the essence of buyer -seller relationships - much as in marital relationships - that human behavior is shaped by environment, experience and PSYCHOLOGICAL STATE of the individuals. In fact Cox's writings may subliminally have done much to pose the very question I am now pondering: "Does it matter if we ignore the psychological state of actors in business (buyer-seller) relationships?"
Since we have seen that business executives demonstrate a higher incidence of the dark triad (Machiavellism, Psychopathy and narcissism) than criminals, doesn't it thus follow that there must be an impact?


Supplier relationship management: a framework for understanding managerial capacity and constraints by Andrew Cox, Chris Lonsdale, Glyn Watson and Hong Qiao. European Business Journal 2003

Fifty Years on - Motown

Posted on 2009.01.12 at 08:17
2009 marks the fiftieth anniversary of Motown - or Tamla Motown as we Brits knew it. Whilst an avowed Led Zep fan and lover of the heavier side of things, my antecedents and still major influences on my musical taste are captured in some of the earliest tracks I was drawn to for one reason or the other. The first three records I ever bought were Smokey Robinson's 'Tears of a Clown', Desmond Dekker & the Ace's '007' and the Monkees 'I'm a Believer'. My brother had Motown LPs - I remember vividly the supremes, Four Tops, and Temptations being played (I kept those albums until about 5 years ago too!)
I just downloaded 200 Motown tracks form iTunes for the princely sum of $99 - originally I was just selecting the tracks I liked the most but after 120 or so realized that I was being picky. Has there ever been a more powerful, influential label than Motown? I doubt it very much.
Think of your automatic reaction to this -

Yes, I too find myself thrusting my hand out at the plaintiff 'STOP!':-)

Motown captured so much of life and hope in the 60s - the appearance of black musicians in the pop mainstream and the beauty of their music seemed so apposite in the UK as multiculturalism truly began thanks to the magnificence of the many immigrant cultures - In my primary school I had the contradictions of the world map (Mercator) with the British Empire in pink, studied the history (ie Propaganda and Myth) of the glorious expansion of said Empire and sat side by side with with Jamaican, Pakistani and Indian kids. Sadly, unlike my own kids, we were taught nothing of the culture, religion geography or history of those countries (other than through the pink lens of the Empire).

So Motown captured for me the excitement, pleasure, ecstasy that music can bring to one's life and hearing again so many great songs, watching the documentaries and listening to the many humble people responsible for undoubtedly some of the greatest songs ever produced has been a great joy. Motown also provides the soundtrack to the loves of my life - I still get wistful when I hear 'Three Times a Lady' - it was played at my first wedding and will always be the song that captures the joys and the sorrow of my true love....but less of the maudlin nonsense, celebrate!! Get on you feet and play the Supremes one more time....

Davy Graham RIP

Posted on 2009.01.04 at 02:40
Davy Graham died in December. I have previously posted on here about his contribution to so many great bands, not least of which Led Zep. Like Nick Drake, he had such a major impact on guitarists and musicians the world over but failed to achieve personal success, partly due to luck and partly due (in both cases) to some element of mental health challenges. It does seem that 'tortured genius' is an apt description of the cost of talent.
As 2009 eases in to life, personally it seems a new life is opening up as it may for many. Financial markets are completely redefining many of our plans and aspirations, but more than that, it feels like a dawn of a new era and I am sure in years to come we shall see that 2008 marked a major global social and political shift.
One of the ways this is emerging seems to be foremost in my thoughts just now. I and many of my friends have kids in their mid 20s who are struggling with the phase of their life that should mark their establishment of identity, independence and influence their path to destiny. Sadly so many kids seem to be finding it tough. I was married and a father at 26 but know of none of my friends who are grandparents even though their kids are a similar age. I also had my own home and a job...yet these also escape our kids' generation.
Finally - my New Years Resolution: to follow my intuition rather than rational thought!

John Bonham - Kashmir

Posted on 2008.09.25 at 13:01

28 years ago today John passed from this life. This is just one of many, many examples of why he remains the greatest drummer to have wlaked the rock halls.


My words it's been a while

Posted on 2008.05.19 at 22:58
So it's 4 months since I posted? Jeepers! And what a lot has gone on. Kids have been here, been to New York for a conference and then spend the weekend celbrating Alan's 50th with him and his family; then to St Louis for a busy, busy conference. New initiatives, new friends and on and on.

Antony singing If It Be Your Will

Posted on 2008.01.21 at 19:53

This is a most amazing, Astounding, version of the Leonard Cohen song.

Boy, do I eat my words!

Posted on 2007.11.02 at 16:18
So Led Zep are to reform for a one off gig. And of course I spent a day or two without sleep trying to register for the ballot for tickets.

One has to rely ont eh judgment and wisdom of the guys in choosing now to reform. Robert's latest album (with Alison Krauss) shows his versatility, enthusiasm for mixing genres and willingness to 'take a punt' on new areas. JPJ, ever the consummate musician, has been ploughing a more gentle furrow in his performances. Jimmy, well, ever the technician, Jimmy has been working diligently on the movies, remastering, digitization, iTunes etc. So noe have been idle

An underrated talent...for now

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